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Top 10 Silk Saree Manufacturers Market in India

Silk is the embodiment of elegance. A silk saree, more so, affords the most elegant look there is to a woman. Silk is a precious raw material for textile industry. But more than anything else, silk is used to produce and manufacture beautiful sarees. Adorning a silk saree manufacturers is the dream of every Indian female. If you are in a dilemma for where to buy the perfect looking silk saree from, then go through this comprehensive list of markets in the country; at the end of which you will find yourself richly informed.
  • Textile Market Surat:- The market that leads in this list is most definitely the Surat Textile market for the variety it presents and the affordability of its products’ prices. Surat is the best textile market to buy Silk and Cotton sarees in the country. The Silk sarees manufacturers surat produced here are amazingly affordable and is preferred by many customers.
Silk Sarees Wholesalers India
Silk Sarees Wholesaler Market in India
  • Apparel cloth Market Coimbatore:- Any mention of silk should definitely be complemented with a mention of Southern states and cities. Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu is the centre of silk production in the south. Its Kanchipuram and Coimbatore silk remain unparalleled. Not only do south Indians buy their silk from here, but many north Indian states are also very keen to grab their silks from here the apparel market in Coimbatore.
  • Textile Market Ahmedabad:- Ahmedabad was once referred to as the Manchester of East alluding to the mega textile hub operating here. It was a major producer of most of the textile exports of the country. Though its popularity declined in the decades following the 1991 Economic Reforms, it is being continuously revived and has for the most part been revived, into its former glory. The Silk manufacturers here are well renowned and reliable in nature.
  • Textile Market Chennai:- Although the regional towns of Tamil Nadu like Kanchipuram and Coimbatore produce the authentic original silk saree, really, the textile market in Chennai is the place to buy these sarees. The wholesale manufacturers sell in the capital city at affordable prices and in great bulk and varieties for people to buy. These signature South Indian Silk sarees mostly come in bold and dark shades of various colours, with a golden border that gives a rich look to the wearer.
  • Textile Cloth Market Kolkata:- Kolkata, the first ever fully functional port city developed by the British, is also one of India’s best places to shop for Silk sarees at wholesale rates. The wholesale market there is exquisite and the handcraft on these sarees is worth buying. Silk sarees are also a major production here other than the south.
  • Textile Market Jaipur:- Jaipur is the centre of textile market in the north. It is definitely the textile hub for silk sarees in northern India. Silk sarees here blend the local works like Gota Patti to give a new angle to the traditional gold bordered silk saree from the south.
Silk Sarees Manufacturers India
Silk Sarees Wholesaler Market in India
  • Textile Market Pune:- Pune imports most of its silk sarees from either Gujarat or Tamil Nadu as it sits between the two states and has access to both the states. However, Pune is fast developing its Silk saree market and emerging as a new Textile centre in the country. Its wholesalers of silk sarees possess varieties from both the Gujarati influences and the authentic original silk saree.
  • Wholesale Cloth Market Kanpur:- Kanpur’s wholesale market is the best place to buy silk sarees in bulk and at affordable, wholesale prices. Kanpur’s local textile market is also very flourishing. The cloth experience there is completely quality assured. Silk can become very expensive to buy, but at the Kanpur market, one can avail great deals on the prices of silk cloth pieces.
  • Textile Market Mumbai:- Of course, Mumbai being the financial capital of India is not only a leading textile market but also houses several manufacturers of Silk Sarees. The silk sarees here are mostly inspired from their south Indian originals. The prices are wholesale in nature and the most striking feature of Mumbai’s silk sarees. Find your ideal Silk saree at affordable rates in the financial capital of the textile industry.
  • Shopping Markets in Noida:- Noida is probably the most luxurious of all the textile markets in this list. It sells the best of the best silk sarees from the silk saree manufacturers of the country. Its prices also reflect this quality for they are moderately or highly priced. However, the quality is most exquisite and highly praised. For a rich shopping experience of the silk saree, visit this market.
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