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Fancy Laces - Try Something Elegant on Your Fabric

There is a vast and wide market for fancy laces. There is a number of manufacturer, retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers of fancy lace who are ready to serve what you want. These laces are the latest addition in the area of simple laces. It is unique and comes with many different designs that are eye-catching. This lace will look well on any fabric which is either matching or contrast. Fancy laces are inexpensive and cheaper than any other products in the market. It is widely used in sarees, blouses, kurtis, dresses, and skirts. The heavy work on this lace gives your outfit a grace. Fancy laces are trending in our country. Yes, it is. But it is also trending in the international market as well.

The market of fancy laces becomes stronger day-by-day. Want to know where you get all these beautiful fancy laces? Come to the Infomedia textile where you get all types laces which are inexpensive and have more varieties. We provide you a number of the manufacturer, suppliers, wholesaler, and retailers who sell these types of laces.

Every industry wants to update itself through new technology either it is machine related or garments related. So this is the way the fashion industry introduces fancy laces to you. Now let us see that how many types of fancy laces are available in the market.

  1. Tassel Lace Trim: This lace is made up of cotton or using nylon with the help of tassels. If you want to compare it then compare it with fringe lace. Tassels lace trim is the type of fringes that are knotted at the end.
  2. Ribbon Pass Lace:- The other category we can define in the fancy lace is ribbon pass lace. It has holes at the regular interval in its design and that we can easily inserted ribbons into it.
  3. Ric-Rac Lace:- The pattern of ric-rac lace is zigzag. This lace is prepared by use of cotton or silk in addition to the metallic. If you analyze the design of it then it is stitched between the pieces of the fabrics that showcase the one side of the lace to the outer part.
  4. Edging Lace:- One of the popular types of lace is edging lace. It has one straight edge and the other one is a scalloped edge. By contrasting it with ribbons it is changed the overall look of your fabric. 
  5. Zari Lace:- A purely Indian tradition comes to our mind when we are talking about zari lace. Zari is one type of thread made of silver and gold. It looks awesome on our traditional dresses like Lehenga choli, Anarkali suits, heavy sarees, kurtis, and salwar kameez. 
Handbags which are beautiful in its own way, the zari lace make it more beautiful. Also, some dupattas appear attractive when it designed by Zari.

There are lots of designs come up to the market for fancy laces. The manufacturer of laces is doing their best to provide all latest designs to the customers. Every day something new introduces to the world of fashion. Manufacturer tries to create something that adds life to our tradition in a modern way.

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